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Benny Hinn | Joel Osteen: Benny Hinn said he wanted to punch Joel Osteen in the face. I have much respect for the Osteen family. Joel Osteen's mother spent hours praying with my mother when my mother had cancer and doctors gave her 3 months to live. Although doctors may define it a "medical anomaly" when a terminal cancer disappears.... I call it a miracle. I give the full credit to the Lord. I am also thankful for Joel Osteen, his father John Osteen, and mother Dodie Osteen in their support of my family during that time. It offends me to the core that Benny Hinn would mockingly speak of punching Joel Osteen in the face. FACTOID: As an interesting side note: Benny Hinn runs a claimed 100 million dollar a year healing ministry with ZERO verifiable healings (a fact verified by independant investigators across the United States). The video above is excerpt from a longer interview w/ Benny Hinn's childhood friend, Trish ErConner ---> That video is titled: Benny Hinn: Secrets, Lies and the Occult. If you like Benny Hinn, you probably don't want to watch the video. It's brutal, honest and eye-opening. --- Trey Smith

Two videos you may want to watch:

Benny Hinn Exposed

Benny Hinn: Secrets, Lies & Occult

Mike Murdock

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Sample of Trey Smith's true story: Thieves

Six months studying at Christ for the Nations to be a good missionary and yet there I was... drunk, high, and trying to push the television evangelist Mike Murdock's six hundred pound safe down a flight of stairs. It wasn't that I just wanted to steal the man's money. I mean, of course I wanted to steal his money, but more than that, I had truly come to hate the man and everything he represents. I had come to hate the lies, the deception, the greed, the backroom deals, the secrets, the sex and all the pain that comes in pursuit of Christian television's greatest god--the dollar bill.

To me, Mike Murdock was the greasiest of the bunch. While the world was watching the suit, tie and open Bible on their television screens, I was in places that the cameras never go.

My best friend (Mike's son, Jason Murdock) and I used to spend hours in the same electronically locked closet that I had just pried the hinges off of. We would pretend we were kings--trying on Rolex watches, playing heads or tails with ancient coins, covering ourselves in gold bracelets and diamond rings, and, least noteworthy, raiding the "holy" Dr. Murdock's extensive porn collection.

Once, Jason pulled a....... Continue FREE sample

Mike Murdock Scam

Mike Murdock
God in a Nutshell: Letter One

To understand God, we start with the question: "What is man?" This is the second most important question that you and I will ever find an answer to. And, if we cannot accept the answer to the second most important question, then the first (who is God?) becomes completely....
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